Day & Week

Day starts at


Day ends at


Only show daytime hours


Week starts on

  • Sunday til Saturday
  • Current day of the week
  • Previous day of the week



  • Show always
  • Hide always
  • Hide when no events
  • Hide during weekdays
  • Hide during weekdays daytime
  • Show in landscape


Number of days visible

Ranging from 1 to 7


Current day larger

                      Enabled                                               Disabled

CurrentDayLargerOn.png      CurrentDayLargerOff.png


Number of hours to show

Ranging from 1 to 24


When started

  • Show current time
  • Show start of day
  • Show next event


Horizontal zooming


Scroll 1 day at a time


Out-of-View indicators


Week font size


Day font size


Show time in events


Highlight current day


Darken weekend days


Always use black text


Size of all-day area

  • Hidden
  • 1 to 6 rows
  • Size to fit
  • Size to fit or hide


Long events as all-day


1-day events in calendar


Drag & drop