If you have similar events quite often you can use a template with common fields already filled.
See for details about creating and using templates and for group templates.

Auto Colors / Icons

Allow you to automatically display events with a custom color / icon in your calendar based on rules matching with either:

  • Title contains text
  • Location contains text
  • Notes contain text
  • Availability is busy
  • Organizer contains text
  • Attendees contain text
  • Event is Completed
  • Event is Not Completed
  • Event is Rolling
  • Event is All Day
  • Event has Notes
  • Event has Attendees

For example, you can make all events with the text 'Lunch' show up as blue or events at 'Office 14' colored red.

Synchronization of Auto Colors / Icons

Week Calendar's Custom Colors can be synchronized amongst different iOS devices by enabling synchronize Auto Colors / Icons.
In Week Calendar go to Settings > General > Synchronize Settings.

Auto Colors / Icons don't appear to work

The most likely reason is that the event for which an Auto Color / Icon is not working already has assigned a custom color / icon to it.
If you remove the assigned custom color /icon of the event, the Auto Color / Icon will take over.

Please note entered values to search for are case sensitive

Priority of determining the color / icon of an event is as follows:

  1. Custom color / icon assigned to an event
  2. First matching Auto Color / Icon rule
  3. Color / Icon of the event's calendar