Notification Center Messages

Turn on Notification Center Messages

Alerts / Alarms are managed through the notification center.

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Select Notifications and select Week Cal
  3. Enable Allow Notifications and configure Sounds & Alerts according to your preferences
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for Calendar and Reminders

If your Alerts are crossed out, please

Why activate Calendar notifications as well?

Only Apple's own notification process is running in background 24/7 automatically.
If you close our app and do not leave it running in background we currently have no options to notify you.
We could have you sync to iCloud (or other calendar type) through our servers. This way we would know your appointments and could send you push notifications but then we would still not be able to timely alert you at all times. When your device is in flight mode or it's not connected to either WiFi or cellular you would not be able to receive notifications. That's why our app only alerts you for less important notifications such as a second birthday alert which isn't supported by iOS.

If Week Cal isn't there, please check your parental control settings, see

Please realize that only Apple Calendar can show in the notification center and you will always be taken to that calendar when tapping on alerts, because Apple insists their app should always be the default.

Week Calendar doesn't show in the Notification Center

The Notification Center is for missed & recent notifications, not for lists of data, such as upcoming calendar events.
Third party apps, such as Week Calendar, cannot show anything besides popup alerts in the iOS Notification Center.

Week Calendar only alerts when factory installed calendar app does not, which are rolling events & birthdays.
Thus saving your battery, because factory installed calendar app runs in background anyway and cannot be stopped.
Furthermore it ensures you get alerted in case of last minute changes.

The Native Calendar shows up

Apple apps are granted special powers that non-Apple apps are not allowed to do.

You can ask Apple to add this possibility by leaving them feedback here: