Events Past Invisible

This is a general iOS setting and not specific for Week Calendar.
By default, an iOS device will only sync events that are not older than 30 days.

Our advice is to verify your settings after iTunes as well as iOS updates,
both sometimes resetting this value to its default of 30 days.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow us to change this setting on your behalf.

If you want to keep all events, you have to change this in the System Settings of your device, or in iTunes.

iOS Device Settings

  1. Open System Settings
  2. Go to Calendar (or Mail, Contacts, Calendars in iOS9 and below)
  3. Scroll down to Sync
  4. Set Sync to your preferences

If you do not have a Sync item, please check the iTunes Settings below:

iTunes Settings

  1. Connect your iOS device to iTunes
  2. Go into the details screen for your device
  3. Uncheck 'Do not sync events older than 30 days' or set it to your preferences.


Force Syncing of old events

To force your iOS device to sync older events after you changed the period:

  1. Backup your colors in Week Calendar if necessary ( Settings > General > Synchronize colors )
  2. Go to System Settings
  3. Go to
    iOS12: Passwords & Accounts
    iOS11: Accounts & Passwords
    iOS10: Calendar
    iOS9-: Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  4. In the Accounts section select calendar not showing past and reset / re-sync the calendar data by toggling CALENDAR setting OFF and ON again

You might need to reboot your iOS device afterwards, forcing it to sync.


In case you use a Yahoo Calendar it's only possible to sync events from the last 6 months, and those up to one year in the future.
Events outside of these time frames won't be synced to your device (see for details).