AirDrop, How To Use

AirDrop Enable & Disable

AirDrop is a feature added to iOS 7 devices, which allows you to share files with other iOS users on the same network.  AirDrop is useful, but can lower your battery life if left enabled. AirDrop can be enabled or disabled via the Control Centre, which you can access by swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen.

You can turn it on, off or "contacts only", which is the default setting. Contacts Only means only people in your contacts list will be allowed to send you an AirDrop request.


You will need to be near the person you are sharing with and they will need to have their device turned on for it to register, however, you need not be right next to them. AirDrop can even reach into the next room.

Send Week Calendar Events With AirDrop

  1. Select an event to send
  2. Press the Tools Menu at the bottom
  3. Press the AirDrop button and locate the device to send the event to