Share AOL Calendar

Calendar Sharing is useful if you want other people, for example a relative or colleague, to be able to access your calendar.

There are two types of sharing in general:

  1. Read-only     person you’re sharing your calendar with is not able to make adjustments
  2. Full access   person you’re sharing your calendar with is able to make adjustments

With AOL both access types are possible, however Full access is only possible amongst AOL users.
As a work around Full access is possible by pretending it's your own calendar.

  1. Go to
  2. Press Calendars and the Calendar you want to Edit (Share).
  3. Select Private or Public

  4. Email the iCal Link and you’re done. Please note these people cannot Edit the events.
    With the option “Share My Calendar With” (at the bottom of the above screen) other AOL users are able to Edit this calendar too.