Sync iCloud Calendars

Create an iCloud Account

On your iOS device

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap iCloud
  3. Tap Get a Free Apple ID


On your Mac or PC

Go to and follow instructions

Sync with Existing iCloud Account

iCloud Sync without using Outlook (Mac & Windows)

Using iCloud synchronization of Calendars, Contacts & Notes shouldn’t be any problem.

iCloud Sync using Outlook (Mac)

Apple has removed sync services in OS X Mavericks. Therefore, you cannot sync Outlook with Contacts or Calendar without installing third party software.
The problem is Outlook 2011, which does not support the open protocols CalDAV or CardDAV required to sync to iCloud, Google, Yahoo, .....
One solution is hosting your own CalDAV and CardDAV server using for example the free package Baïkal Server,
see, but this requires some expertise.
Unfortunately there’s no easy way available yet.

Our recommendation is to use a Google Calendar for synchronization instead,
see how to convert your calendar to Google

iCloud Sync using Outlook (Windows)

For Microsoft Outlook for Windows users having an iCloud account Apple provides a solution which can be installed after setting up iCloud on your devices.
See how to setup an iCloud account and
Download iCloud Control Panel for Windows.