Travel Time

It's possible to show how long the travel time is between your current (appointment location) or home location to the destination address of your next appointment.

To access the travel time option:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Scroll down and select Travel Time

You can select between Walking or Car to determine the travel time (or None to disable it).  To set a "Home address" tap the book icon to select an address from the contacts or tap the arrow to select current location.

The start location is determined as follows:

  1. For each event the location of previous event is selected as start address.
  2. If previous appointment doesn't have a location set (or more than 6 hour gap exists with next appointment), the Home address is used.
  3. If no Home address has been chosen in travel time settings, current location is used (if location services have been enabled),

If you set a home location please make sure you select it using Maps functionality, if not your address might not be recognized properly resulting in false distances.

A travel time written in red indicates that the travel time is longer than the amount of time you have until the next appointment starts.