Alert Settings

Notification Center Messages

Alerts / Alarms are managed through the notification center. 
Please see how to setup Notification Center Messages.

Default Alerts

The number of alerts is dependent on the calendar account you're using: iCloud, Google, Exchange....
Some support more alerts than others. Please make sure you select the right calendar when making new appointments.
If you use an Exchange account as default, then you can only have one alert.

You can set a default calendar under Week Calendar > Settings > New events & Templates > New Event Defaults > Default Calendar

The number of possible alerts depends on your type of calendar:

  • Exchange protocol (including Outlook,.com and Google company accounts) only allows only one alarm per event
  • Google (excluding company account) protocol allows up to 5 alerts per event
  • CalDav protocol allows up to 10 alerts per event
  • iCloud protocol allows up to 10 alerts per event
  • Local calendars allow up to 10 alerts per event

The second alert option if available will become visible after you set the first alert and so on.

Specific Calendar Alerts

Some calendar types provide additional alert functionality, please see


Event Alerts

In the Event Details screen, select Alert and set your (Custom) alerts