Calendar Subscription Questions

How Calendar Subscriptions work

Subscribed Calendars are linked to a server.
As soon as new events become available or get altered and you have a data connection (Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, Edge) data on your device are automatically updated.
Only changes are sent to your phone, the traffic is negligible.

There's no option to remove individual events, as soon as a server connection is established again deleted events will be restored again.


Calendar Subscriptions are bought in packs, for example access to all 36+ German football calendars.

Calendars Subscription examples are:

  • Sports, such as football, hockey, basketball. Automatically updated with scores
  • Holidays, Funny Days
  • Weather calendars, 14 days in advance


If you have suggestions or questions about Calendar Subscriptions, such as ideas for new calendars, spotted errors, please contact


Subscribed Calendars contain high-quality, exclusive and hand-checked data which simply isn't freely available: we also need to pay for these data.